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Design WIN with W series D-IGBT

Breakthrough in Vietnam welding market with Fuji Electric’s latest Discrete IGBT Technology

Fuji Electric Asia Pacific (hereinafter FAP)’s semiconductor sales department had started promotion of our latest technology in Discrete IGBT - W series, to Vietnam’s local welding machine makers since April 2016, through the support of FAP’s valued distributor, QuadRep Marketing Pte Ltd.

We have made successful breakthrough with our distributor, QuadRep, into Vietnam’s number one local welding machine maker, Hong Ky Co. Ltd. with our W series Discrete IGBT. After sample submission and through several rounds of grueling evaluation by Hong Ky Co. Ltd, FAP managed to achieve “Design WIN” status with FGW40N65WD & FGW60N65WD in Hong Ky Co Ltd’s 33kW & 45kW models respectively. Shipping of both FGW40N65WD & FGW60N65WD had begun from November 2016 onwards.

Fuji Electric’s W series Discrete IGBT had helped to increase the power efficiency of customer’s products, which had in turn helped customer in their BOM’s cost reduction through the use of smaller heat sink.

Fuji Electric Asia Pacific will be targeting to be a valued supplier of discrete semiconductor for Hong Ky Co. Ltd’s products from 2017 onwards, through our product strengths and good relationship with customer.

For more information on Fuji Electric’s W series Discrete IGBT, please visit the below links:

For more information on our valued customer, Hong Ky Co. Ltd, please visit the below link:

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  • Hong Ky Co. Ltd. – A Vietnamese listed
    company situated in Ho Chinh Minh City,
    Binh Tan District.
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  • QuadRep Marketing (S) Pte. Ltd. – Valued
    distributor of Fuji Electric Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. for
    semiconductors situated in Singapore.
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