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News Release

Fuji Electric to Release a Small IPM for Air Conditioners Applications

Tokyo, September 12, 2012 - Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. (TSE:6504) announced today that it is releasing a newly developed IPM (Intelligent Power Module) as a power semiconductor module for air conditioners applications.
1. Purpose

This product is designed to be used in the circuitry of inverters used for the control of compressors and fan motors in household and industrial air conditioner units to aid in the reduction of power consumption.

Up until now, Fuji Electric has focused on industrial air conditioner units, but as the demand for inverters in electric products in China and Asia is rising, Fuji Electric is expanding its product lineup for household inverter air conditioner units, with sales centered in China, Japan and the rest of Asia.

2. Product Features
〔1〕 Realization of power savings by reducing power loss
  Through use of the sixth-generation V series IGBT chip, power loss during low load operations is reduced,*1 resulting in power savings on APF (Annual Performance Factor).

*1: 25% reduction in power loss compared to Fuji Electric\\\\'s conventional chip

〔2〕 Smaller inverter circuitry
  (1)Built-in drive circuitry
Equipped with HVIC (high-voltage IC) and CLR (current limiting resistor) bootstrap diode*2 to reduce the number of parts in the inverter circuitry.

*2: Comprised mainly of a diode and capacitor, making high side drive possible with single power supply.

(2)Built-in protection functionality
Built-in overheat protection, overcurrent protection and vcc under voltage protection functionality.
(This product provides two types of overheat protection functions: temperature output, temperature output and overheat protection.)
(3)Smaller modules
Uses a general application, ultra-compact DIP (dual in-line package)
〔3〕 Improved heat dissipation through unique structure
  Temperature rises are constrained through the use of a unique structure that incorporates a high heat dissipation aluminum insulated substrate.

3. Product Lineup
Model Overview External dimensions [mm] Overheat protection function On sale:
6MBP15VRA060-50 15A,600V 6in1 43(W)×26(D) ×3.7(width of main body) temperature output November 2012
6MBP15VRB060-50 overheat protection
6MBP15VRC060-50 temperature output and overheat protection
6MBP20VSA060-50 20A,600V 6in1 temperature output September 2013
6MBP20VSC060-50 temperature output and overheat protection
6MBP30VSA060-50 30A,600V 6in1 temperature output
6MBP30VSC060-50 temperature output and overheat protection

Ultra compact DIP (dual in-line package)
Ultra compact DIP (dual in-line package)
4. Primary Application

Inverter air conditioners (household, industrial), etc.

Product enquiries

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