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News Release

Fuji Electric Asia Pacific Releases Large-Capacity UPS Series “7000HX-T4”

Singapore, February 17, 2014 - Fuji Electric Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., the leading energy technology company, today announced that it has released a large-capacity UPS series “7000HX-T4” for the Asian markets.


1. Background

In Asia, which is in the midst of ongoing economic growth, improvement of power quality is an important issue. Along with the expansion of capital investment and increase of data centers due to the diffusion of cloud services, there is an increasing need for UPS (uninterruptible power system) that contribute to stabilization of electric power supply. We estimate the size of the market for large-scale UPS (100 kVA or larger) in Asia including China to reach 80 billion yen in 2015, a 20% increase from the present size.

7000HX-T4 for the Asian market features energy efficiency and a compact size, and we intend to actively market the series with the main focus on data centers and production facilities of factories, which consume large amounts of power and require space efficiency.

2. Product Features

1) Industry\'s top-class conversion efficiency facilitating energy conservation

7000HX-T4 uses the new 3-level conversion circuit, our proprietary technology. This has significantly reduced the switching and filtering losses, leading to the industry’s top-class conversion efficiency of 96.5%, which exceeds the efficiency of 94% of our conventional models for overseas markets. In this way, 7000HX-T4 contributes to energy efficiency of customers’ facilities.

2) Compact size contributing to increase of server installation space

A server room usually includes various types of equipment including air conditioners and UPS in addition to servers. 7000HX-T4 has been successfully downsized by adopting a transformer-less design, etc. and the footprint has been reduced by 35% from our conventional products. This contributes to an increase of server installation space.

3) Backup function provided to achieve high reliability

7000HX-T4 allows parallel operation of up to eight units and a redundant operation system can be built in, which means that, even if a few units stop due to maintenance or in the unlikely event of failure, the remaining sound units supply power. It improves reliability and contributes to stable operation of facilities.


3. Overview of Product Specifications


Number of phases

Rated output capacity (kVA/KW)

AC input voltage


AC output voltage




Weight (kg)


3-phase 4-wire





W1,630 ´ H2,000 ´ D1,000


4. Major Fields of Application

Data centers and production lines of factories in the Asian markets

5. Timing of Release

The date of this announcement

6. Customer Inquiries

Fuji Electric Asia Pacific Private Ltd.

Drive & Automation Department

Telephone: +65-6533-0014

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