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News Release
November 26, 2014
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Fuji Electric Releases Large-Capacity Inverters Utilizing SiC Hybrid Module

  Tokyo, November 26, 2014 - Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. (TSE:6504) (“FE”), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, led by President, Michihiro Kitazawa, is pleased to announce that it is going to expand the large-capacity inverter line "FRENIC-VG Series Stack Type (690 V Series)" with new products that utilize an SiC hybrid module.

  To expand the energy-related business, which is one of our management policies, we are working on the development of competitive products that take advantage of power semiconductors and power electronics, our core technologies. Above all, we have our focus on developing SiC power semiconductors that realize a higher withstand voltage and lower loss and commercializing power electronics devices equipped with them.
  The "FRENIC-VG Series*1Stack Type" products are in use in production facilities of iron and steel, chemical, papermaking and other large plants; and in harbor cranes. In these sectors, facilities have come to have greater capacities and this has posed challenges such as how to reduce power consumption and downsize equipment.
  We made use of the results of joint research with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology to start producing SiC devices at our factory last October and have now successfully developed new products that utilize the newly developed 1,700 V SiC hybrid module.*2
  The products will be rolled out globally in areas including Japan, where existing facilities are being replaced, and Asia with its expanding capital investment, to contribute to further energy saving and space saving at customers' facilities.

*1: Series of high-performance inverters featuring high-speed and high-accuracy control including two types: general "unit type" and "stack type" with the inverter separated from the converter to allow an optimum combination.
Product Webpage: https://www.fujielectric.com/products/ac_drives_lv/frenic-vg/
*2: Composed of SBD (Schottky barrier diode) that uses an SiC device and IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) that uses a silicon device
2.Product Features
1) Reduced loss in power conversion to contribute to energy saving at facilities
  Application of the SiC hybrid module has made it possible to reduce the loss in a power conversion circuit by 28% from our existing models, and contribute to significant energy saving at facilities.

2) Maximum capacity increased with same size to realize space saving at facilities
  By applying the SiC hybrid module, we have successfully increased the single-unit capacity from the existing models’ maximum of 315 kW to a maximum of 450 kW while maintaining the same product size. This makes it possible to reduce the number of inverters installed, and thus save space at facilities. Maintaining the same product size also means existing models can be easily replaced with the new ones.

Rated voltage Model Rated capacity (kW) Dimensions (mm)
690 V
FRN355SVG1S-69J 355 W 226.2 × H 1,400 × D 567.3
FRN400SVG1S-69J 400
FRN450SVG1S-69J 450

*4: Each sample schedule shall be different, please ask delivery time/date for sales referrals as below.

4.Timing of Release
  Start of order acceptance: Date of this announcement
  Start of shipment: Scheduled for March 2015

5.Product Inquiries
  Drive & Automation Sales Department, Fuji Electric Asia Pacific. Pte. Ltd., Singapore
   Telephone: +65-6533-0014

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