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News Release
March 29, 2016
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Release of the Super-Junction MOSFET “Super J MOS® S2/S2FD Series”

  Tokyo, March 29, 2016—Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. (TSE:6504) (“FE”), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, led by President Michihiro Kitazawa, is pleased to announce the release of its Super-Junction* MOSFET “Super J MOS® S2/S2FD Series” as a new power semiconductor product.

  * One structure of MOSFET (field-effect transistor). The resistance value per unit surface area can be reduced relative to conventional planar structure.

1. Background
  Power semiconductors, incorporated into all electrical products from industrial equipment such as UPSs and power conditioners, to household appliances, are a key device in the realization of energy conservation and a stable power supply.
  In recent years, Demand for energy saving has been increasing because of the expansion of the global energy demand. The size of the market for super junction MOSFETs contributing to reducing the power consumption of equipment in which they are mounted is at roughly 120 billion yen in 2016, and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 14%. (Source: IMS)
  Now, we have reduced power resistance compared to existing products, and released this new “Super J MOS® S2/S2FD Series” which contributes further to energy savings.

2.Product Features
(1)Reduced resistance during conduction, contributing to energy saving

  The S2 series has 25% reduced resistance during conduction, relative to the existing S1 series, in comparison with the same chip area. This will contribute to energy saving and power cost reductions for equipment in which the products are mounted.

(2)Reduced switching loss with faster built-in diode

  The S2FD series has roughly 50% reduced time taken for the built-in diode to switch off (recovery time) compared to the S2 series. By applying this product in inverter circuits etc. that use internal diodes, switching losses are reduced, and the large voltages instantaneously generated when switching (surge voltages) are also suppressed. This will contribute to energy saving and improve the reliability of equipment in which the products are mounted.

Super J MOS® S2/S2FD Series

3.Product Specifications

Series Name Built-in Diode Rated Voltage On-resistance Rated Current
S2 series standard 600V 380mΩ-25mΩ 8A-96A
S2FD series high-speed 600V 170mΩ-27mΩ 18A-96A

  UPSs, power conditioners, quick EV chargers, servers and communications base stations, LED lighting etc.

5.Timing of Release
  The date of this announcement

6.Product Inquiries
  Semiconductor Sales Department, Fuji Electric Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
  Telephone: +65-6533-0014

Reference: Lineup and major specifications
  Super J MOS ® S2 Series

ID (A)
TO-220 TO-220F TO-3P TO-247
600 380 8.1 FMP60N380S2 FMV60N380S2    
280 10.4 FMP60N280S2 FMV60N280S2 FMH60N280S2  
190 15.5 FMP60N190S2 FMV60N190S2 FMH60N190S2 FMW60N190S2
160 17.9 FMP60N160S2 FMV60N160S2   FMW60N160S2
125 22.7 FMP60N125S2 FMV60N125S2   FMW60N125S2
99 29.2 FMP60N099S2 FMV60N099S2   FMW60N099S2
88 32.8 FMP60N088S2 FMV60N088S2   FMW60N088S2
79 37.1 FMP60N079S2 FMV60N079S2   FMW60N079S2
70 39.4   FMV60N070S2   FMW60N070S2
55 49.9       FMW60N055S2
40 66.2       FMW60N040S2
25 95.5       FMW60N025S2

  Super J MOS ® S2FD Series

ID (A)
TO-220 TO-220F TO-247
600 170 17.9 FMP60N170S2FD FMV60N170S2FD FMW60N170S2FD
133 22.7 FMP60N133S2FD FMV60N133S2FD FMW60N133S2FD
105 29.2 FMP60N105S2FD FMV60N105S2FD FMW60N105S2FD
94 32.8 FMP60N094S2FD FMV60N094S2FD FMW60N094S2FD
84 37.1 FMP60N084S2FD FMV60N084S2FD FMW60N084S2FD
75 39.4   FMV60N075S2FD FMW60N075S2FD
59 49.9     FMW60N059S2FD
43 66.2     FMW60N043S2FD
27 95.5     FMW60N027S2FD

Super J MOS® is a registered trademark of Fuji Electric

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