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News Release
Apr 1, 2016
Fuji Electric Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Establishing the APAC regional headquarter in Singapore

Enhancing strategic functions in the Southeast Asia and Oceania Region

  As of April 1, Fuji Electric established the Asia Pacific regional corporate strategy office as the regional headquarter in Fuji Electric Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. (hereinafter FAP) to oversee regional sales companies in the Southeast Asia and Oceania Region.

The background of its establishment is to enhance and expand business in this region by improving product planning that matches the needs of regional markets and optimizing human resources and functions distributed in each country.

The Asia Pacific regional corporate strategy office consists of three main functions; marketing, engineering and corporate planning.

● Marketing Function– Responsible for planning and executing various initiatives such as market and competitor analysis, product and pricing strategies, promotion strategies, channel strategies, business strategies in the industrial infrastructure and power electronics fields and enhancing marketing strategies for regional sales companies in this region. The team will reconstruct component sales channels, drive product plan proposals that reflect regional needs, provide pricing strategies for industrial equipment and Integrated Data Centre (IDC) sales strategies among others.

● Engineering Function–Responsible for enhancement, optimization and localization of each regional sales companies engineering personnel, and standardization and digitization for engineering business processes. The team will advance the visualization and standardization of the engineering work flow of regional sales companies, and enhance industrial infrastructure and power electronics equipment business.

● Corporate Planning Function– Responsible for regional performance management including estimation & results of reginal sales companies, human resource planning & manpower programs in the Asia Pacific region. The team’s mission is to simplify communication and function as an effective communication bridge that links regional subsidiaries & sales companies with headquarter. "Establish and strengthen the function of regional performance management" is a top priority for the team this fiscal year.

Mr Ishii Hiroshi, the President & CEO of Fuji Electric Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. emphasised, “We aim to expand our business by understanding the market needs in the region across each business area and optimizing the product planning and engineering system under the new business organization”

About Fuji Electric
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. (TSE:6504) is a world leader in electronics manufacturing and energy technology with more than 90 years of accumulated technology and experience. Through our innovation in energy and environment technology, we are contributing to the creation of responsible and sustainable societies.

About Fuji Electric Asia Pacific
Fuji Electric Asia Pacific, a regional headquarter and sales company, provides innovative energy technology products and solutions across the Southeast Asia, Oceania and Middle East, covering Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Bangladeshi, Australia, New Zealand and the Gulf Corporation Council.

Based in Singapore, Fuji Electric Asia Pacific focuses on Drive & Automation, Transmission & Distribution, Integrated Data Centre(IDC), Electronic Devices, Instrumentation,Food and Beverage Distribution.

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