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News Release
February 1, 2017
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Release of Power Supply Control ICs Offering Better Light-load Energy Efficiency

  Tokyo, February 1, 2017 - Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. (TSE:6504) (“FE”), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, led by President Michihiro Kitazawa, is pleased to announce the release of two new power semiconductor products: a power supply control IC (PFC control IC, model no. FA1A60N) and an LLC current resonance control IC (model no. FA6B20N)

  Power supply control ICs are installed in AC adaptors and other power supply devices used for LCD televisions, OA equipment, LED lighting, communications equipment, industrial equipment (machine tools, robots, etc.) and more. Their function is to convert commercially available (AC) home and factory power sources to the DC power used to run these devices and equipment. Since more efficient power conversion minimizes electricity loss, power supply control ICs play a key role in energy conservation.
  In the interest of creating low-carbon societies in response to global warming, demand for energy-efficient electrical equipment is on the rise—and the power supply control IC market is growing. Fuji Electric estimates that the size of the power supply control IC market*, currently at around JPY 100 billion as of 2016, will grow at an annual rate of 5% through 2019.
  Fuji Electric has recently been developing and releasing new products designed to make equipment more energy efficient and help lower costs. The company is looking to expand sales in both the Japan and global markets, with a particular focus on LCD televisions and industrial equipment.

*Size of the market for power supply control ICs used for AC/DC conversion, including these new products

2. Product Features

(1) Inhibits power loss for improved energy efficiency

  Power conversion is achieved through turning electricity off and on (switching), but this switching process also results in power loss. The smaller the output (lighter the load) of the device, the lower the conversion efficiency.
  Our new products automatically detect output and reduce switching frequency in order to limit power loss. With an AC input voltage of 230 V and 3% (light load) of a maximum output power, for example, the new devices are able to cut back power loss by 22% compared to our conventional products.

(2) Fewer parts for lower costs

  The power supply control features described in (1) make it possible to reduce the number of parts required when using our conventional products by 15% (parts needed to detect output power, for example, can be eliminated). Fewer parts helps lower the cost of power supply devices.

3.Product Specifications
Model Operating ambient
Operating voltage Peak frequency
FA1A60N -50ºC to +105ºC +10 V to +26 V -
FA6B20N -50ºC to +105ºC +14 V to +29 V 450 kHz

FA1A60N package (left)
FA6B20N package (right)


4.Timing of Release
  The date of this announcement

5.Product Inquiries
  Drive & Automation Sales Department, Fuji Electric Asia Pacific. Pte. Ltd., Singapore
  Telephone: +65-6533-0014

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