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News Release
August 1, 2019
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Expanding the Lineup of the 7th-Generation X Series IGBT Modules

    Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Tokyo, Japan; led by President Michihiro Kitazawa) is pleased to announce that it has expanded the lineup of its 7th-generation X Series of IGBT*1 modules, targeting the large-scale wind power generation market, and has begun sample shipment of 1,700V withstanding voltage products.

*1: Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistors

1. Aim

    IGBT modules are mounted on industrial equipment such as inverters for driving motors, uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), and power conditioning systems(PCS) for wind or photovoltaic power generation facilities, and are key devices in achieving both energy conservation and a stable electric power supply.
    In 2015, Fuji Electric launched its 7th-generation X Series of IGBT modules with withstanding voltages of 650V and 1,200V, contributing to energy conservation and a stable electric power supply for a wide range of equipment and facilities, including inverters for controlling air conditioners and motors, UPSs, and PCS. Fuji Electric has recently expanded its lineup of 1,700V withstanding voltage products, targeting the large-scale wind power generation market.
    Amid increasing awareness of environmental issues, demand for clean energy, mainly from renewable energy sources, is growing around the world. The market for industrial-use IGBT modules is expected to grow at an annual rate of 3.5% from about 350 billion yen in 2018.*2 More and more large-scale wind power generation facilities are being constructed, particularly in Europe and China, and the global market for such facilities is expected to grow by 591 GW in 2018 and 8% annually by 2023 (source: GWEC). With this lineup expansion, Fuji Electric aims to further expand sales of its 7th-generation X Series of IGBT modules.

*2: Fuji Electric\'s original estimate from WSTS, etc.


2. Features of the 7th-Generation X Series

1) Achieves energy saving by reducing power loss
   The IGBT module combines and packages an IGBT, which turns the current on and off, with a diode, which has a freewheeling function (FWD).
   With this product, Fuji Electric has made the IGBT and FWD thinner and the surface structure of the IGBT finer. This has reduced power loss during inverter operation by approximately 10% compared to the conventional product (6th-generation V Series). It also contributes to energy saving and to reducing the power cost of installed equipment.

2) Contributes to downsizing of equipment
   A newly developed insulating substrate has been applied to improve the heat dissipation of the module. In addition to the abovementioned reduced power loss, heat generation is suppressed, increasing the maximum guaranteed temperature for continuous operation from the conventional 150°C to 175°C, enabling an increase of up to 30%*3 in output current while maintaining the size of the installed equipment. This contributes to downsizing of equipment and reduction of total cost.

*3: Value estimated from simulation results



7th-generation X Series, 1,700V withstanding

3) Contributes to better equipment reliability
   The module structure and materials used were reviewed to improve stability and durability during operation at high temperatures. This contributes to improving the reliability of installed equipment.

3. Product Specifications

Rated voltage Rated current Package type Sample shipment start date
1,700V 75A~400A Std. 2in1 Starting from July 2019
225A~600A Dual XT
650A~1,800A PrimePACKTM
1,000A, 1,200A HPnC

  PrimePACKTM is a registered trademark of Infineon Technologies AG.

4. Product Inquiries

Sales Dept. I, Sales Division, Electronic Devices Business Group, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.
☎ +81-3-5435-7152
Inquiry Form: https://www.fujielectric.com/contact/contact.php?pid=4

Reference: 1,700V Lineup and Major Specifications
Package type Rated current Model No. Circuit configuration DimensionsWxD(mm) Sample shipment start date
Std. 2in1 75A 2MBI75XAA170-50 2in1 34x94 Jul-19
100A 2MBI100XAA170-50
150A 2MBI150XAA170-50
150A 2MBI150XHA170-50 62x108
200A 2MBI200XHA170-50
300A 2MBI300XHA170-50
400A 2MBI400XHA170-50
300A 2MBI300XEE170-50 80x110
400A 2MBI400XEE170-50
Dual XT Solder pins 225A 2MBI225XNA170-50 62x150 Nov-19
300A 2MBI300XNA170-50
450A 2MBI450XNA170-50
600A 2MBI600XNG170-50 Jul-19
Press fit pins 225A 2MBI225XNB170-50 Nov-19
300A 2MBI300XNB170-50
450A 2MBI450XNB170-50
600A 2MBI600XNH170-50 Jul-19
PrimePACKTM2 650A 2MBI650XXA170-50 89x172 Nov-19
1200A 2MBI1200XXE170-50
PrimePACKTM3 1000A 2MBI1000XXB170-50 89x250
1400A 2MBI1400XXB170-50
1800A 2MBI1800XXF170-50
PrimePACKTM3+ 1800A 2MBI1800XXG170-50 89x250
HPnC 1000A 2MBI1000XVF170-50 100x144 Dec-19
1200A 2MBI1200XVF170-50 Jan-20

  PrimePACKTM is a registered trademark of Infineon Technologies AG.

  *Information conveyed in this release (product features, inquiry information, etc.) is accurate as of the date of this announcement and is subject to change without prior notice.

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