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Energy Saving Solution

Fuji Electric has extensive experiences in energy auditing with more than 500 plants in South East Asia region and realized energy saving in wide variety of industries. We are committed to assists our customers in facilitating energy-saving concept and solutions for their process and facility in the plant and providing solution to have a shorter Return On Investment.

Step 1. Monitoring

Instrumentation equipment and system for collecting real time data on site.

Identify Current Operating Condition.

  • a) Instrumentation (Flow meter, pressure meter, temperature sensor etc)
  • b) Monitoring system (F-MPC / PLC)
  • c) Open network / Open system (F-MPC / PLC)
  • d) Highly functional data base and monitoring system (Eco ANALYST / CitectSCADA)

Step 2. Determine

Data Analysis of operating condition.

Determine solution through efficient analysis.

  • a) Energy management system (MainGATE / PPA)
  • b) Maintenance / Check system (P.O.J)

Step 3. Optimization

Applying energy saving solution and circulate PDCA cycle.

PDCA cycle by Fuji Electric products further contribute energy saving.

  • a) Fuji Electric Products(High efficiency Motor, LV & MV Variable Speed Drive, Cast Resin Transformer, Demand controller)
  • b) Optimal operating system of plant (MainGATE / Fe-TOP / BAS / BEMS)
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