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Power Supply (UPS)

Fuji Electric's UPS and power solutions  have the best product specifications with the latest technology. Fuji Electric’s UPS are available in the 1kVA to 2400kVA range for single modules for South East Asia region. For higher ratings, these can be paralleled to deliver 4800 kVA. Fuji Electric's high-efficiency UPS helps in reducing costs, weight, footprint, and heat.
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  • UPS7500WX

    (1200, 2400kVA)

    The UPS7500WX achieves high efficiency and high reliability through proven technologies and High-capacity modular UPS for data center applications. Its specification is 1200, 2400kVA, 380-415V, and 3Phase 4Wire.
    Data Centers are becoming increasingly important due to the increasing demand for IoT and digitalization. UPS systems is one of the key equipment that support stable power supply and availability of facilities in the advent of a power outage. The UPS7500WX is ideal for large-scale Data Centers where power consumption continues to increase.

  • UPS7000HX-T4


    UPS7000HX-T4 is the ultimate solution for data centre and industry applications. Achieving high efficiency upto 96.5% because of Fuji development and implementation of new NPC 3 level RB-IGBT. This resulting in reliability, high performance and significant reduction in running cost. To achieve the high reliability system, supplying parallel redundant system and huge capacity requirement up to 2.5MVA.

    Brochure (1.68MB)

  • UPS FalconX5(60-300kVA)

    UPS FalconX5

    UPS FalconX5 series has a capacity from 60 to 300kVA, 380-415V, 3Phase 4Wire, and is an inbuilt transformer base UPS. This is designed for light Industrial, and manufacturing and process industry.

    Brochure (1.83MB)

  • UPS FalconX7<br>(60-600kVA)

    UPS FalconX7

    UPS FalconX7 series has a wider capacity range from 60 to 600kVA, 380-415V, 3Phase 4Wire, and is a Transformer-less UPS. This is designed for IT, Telecom, Commercial Buildings, Engineering Industry.

    Brochure (4.46MB)

  • UPS Falcon8500

    UPS Falcon8500

    The UPS Falcon8500 series has a wide capacity from 10 to 300kVA, 380-415V, 3Phase 4Wire, and is an inbuilt-transformer base UPS. This is designed for infrastructure, Commercial Offices and Malls, Lifts and Escalators, and Process Industry.

    Brochure (4.4MB)

  • UPS5100CF-T4


    UPS5100CF-T4 is an online double conversion IGBT inverter UPS. This solution is applicable mainly to industrial application, with output isolation transformer protection and DC cold start function. It's robust design ensure better reliability to the customers. For better solution reliability and availability, the UPS5100CF-T4 can be paralleled with several units for redundancies.

    Brochure (3.52MB)

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